Partnering with AFM provides clients with access to world-class engineering services. As part of the FM Global Group, AFM provides the ability for middle-market clients to leverage the science, research and global engineering infrastructure made available to one-third of the Fortune 1000 companies.

AFM uses this science, research and infrastructure to:

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Protect client's assets

Identify, prioritise, reduce and eliminate hazards. US$55.8 billion in client loss expectancy eliminated in 2011!

AFM believes that clients don’t have to be vulnerable to large property loss—and we work hard with them to reduce loss exposure and lower their long-term costs of risk. Our field engineers work with clients to identify key exposures to their business and provide practical solutions that clients can implement to protect their business continuity. In fact, after just two visits the likelihood of large loss drops off dramatically.


Improve clients' operating reliability

A catastrophic loss requires considerable time managing property repair, dealing with customer and stockholder concerns and working with loss adjusters—time that could be more productively spent advancing the business.

When you consider that a large fire at a key location can disrupt a company’s pursuit of strategic business growth and greater operating efficiency—the value of preventing that fire becomes more apparent. Read how one client worked with their broker and AFM to prevent a devastating fire from disrupting their growth objectives.


Maintain client's profits and market share

A risk-to-earnings ratio study highlights the correlation between physical risk management practices and earnings volatility. Implementing loss prevention techniques helps clients stabilise earnings.

Imagine if a key competitor were affected by a large fire loss that resulted in an opportunity for you to secure a new, long-term client. Yes, the competition’s insurance company would pay to fix their property and recoup the resulting business income loss. But you would be working hard to keep that new client long after the competition was back in business.

What if that fire were to occur at your property? AFM believes clients don’t have to be vulnerable to this type of exposure. AFM, a member of the FM Global Group, commissioned a study looking for connections between earnings volatility and loss prevention practices.


Provide market leading property insurance programmes

Better protected businesses deserve better insurance programmes. Working together, we eliminate exposures to improve the quality of a client's risk profile, allowing them greater access to market-leading coverage and services at competitive pricing.

The model is simple: Work with clients to protect their business from catastrophic loss. This keeps clients focused on growing their business—and helps AFM outperform our competition. In turn, we reinvest our profits in additional engineering services, market-leading coverage, claims services and increased capacity—all at market-competitive pricing. It’s a virtuous cycle of competitive advantage that provides powerful incentives for everyone. Our engineering infrastructure—built over 175-plus years—is the engine behind it all.