As a wholly owned subsidiary of FM Global, AFM is able to leverage FM Global's world-class claims services. FM Global is a mutual company, owned by its policyholders. The claims philosophy is therefore an extension of this partnership. We seek every opportunity to partner with the broker and our client during their time of need to mitigate loss, restore operations and allow clients the ability to return to operating their business successfully. The claims approach is built on four cornerstones:

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Build a highly professional, empowered staff

The insurance contract is only as good as the company that writes it, and the company is only as good as the people who work for it.

We have had a limited number of claims with AFM. I have managed most if not all. As far as I am concerned the AFM claim department is their best asset. They are very professional and well versed in what they do.
— Real Estate Client

Effective claims handling depends on effective people. Nearly 80 percent of our claims staff have engineering backgrounds, enabling them to quickly gain insight into relevant aspects of your business. In addition to excellent training and mentoring, we give each adjuster appropriate authority and clear decision-making guidelines so they can work with you directly and make critical decisions in the field.


Focus on loss mitigation and quick settlement

When a loss occurs, we have a common business interest—to measure and settle the claim under the policy and get back to serving clients.

The long-term health of clients' businesses can depend upon the speedy recovery of assets damaged during a property loss. Fast action and targeted planning are critical to minimizing the impact on business income. AFM brings our considerable engineering expertise to bear, identifying opportunities to mitigate loss, while moving quickly to settle claims so businesses can return to what they do best—as soon as possible.


Looking out for clients' best interest

Client perceptions of an insurer's reliability are essential. Clients ranked us high in three important categories.

When you incur a property loss, you need to be able to rely on your insurance partner. At AFM, we work hard to earn our clients' trust. In a recent survey, 94 percent of our clients felt that we looked out for their best interest during a claim, and 96 percent felt that we make claims payments as quickly as possible. As this graph shows, clients also perceive FM Global to be the leader in overall claims service.


Provide clear, transparent guidance from loss notice to settlement

Frequent, transparent communication is an essential part of the claims process. For clients, it's a matter of expectations addressed and fulfilled.

AFM helped walk me through how the claim needed to be reported. This assisted me in organizing the claim for submission.
— Manufacturing Client

AFM claims provides the knowledge, expertise and guidance to help clients through the claims process—even if they have not experienced a property loss before. As soon as the claim is filed, your adjuster will explain what to expect and how to expedite the process. Frequent, responsive communication from your adjuster will keep you—and all parties involved—up to date on how the claim is progressing.