Affiliated FM believes that clients need not be vulnerable to large catastrophic loss—including those caused by acts of nature. While we all may be susceptible to earthquakes, floods, freeze and windstorms, we need not be exposed to the catastrophic loss they can cause. Along with the physical protection measures that your account engineer can help you identify and implement, you can also prevent loss through proper procedural planning.

Despite extensive mapping and documentation, the timing and severity of earthquakes cannot be predicted with certainty.

The popular image of earthquake damage often centres on collapsing buildings and landslides. Yet statistically, much of the destruction caused by earthquakes is due to the devastating fires that result from ruptured gas lines. Download the resources to the right to learn more.

Affiliated FM data suggests that approximately one in 10 locations in the US are flood-exposed. Loss history reveals the potential for a flood loss of US$1 million or greater at a single flood-exposed location is almost twice as likely as a fire loss of US$1 million or greater.

Affiliated FM loss history shows that facilities with a well-organised flood emergency response plan (FERP) sustain nearly 70 percent less damage and resume operations sooner than locations with an inadequate or no FERP in place.

Your account engineer can help you identify which of your properties are exposed to flood and can help develop a FERP for each of these locations. In addition to the resources listed on this page, a free online training course is available. Watch this short summary of the course and visit to register.

Is your facility located in a potential flood zone? Access our Global Flood Map to find out. This comprehensive tool provides a view of moderate- and high-hazard flood zones across the globe.

As winter approaches, you should ensure that you have the right plan to deal with freezing temperatures. Domestic water lines, fire protection sprinklers and condensation lines are susceptible to freezing and rupturing. Like all loss prevention, a key measure to preventing freeze-related loss is proper planning.

Download the resources that can help you develop a plan to keep freeze from affecting you this winter season.

If your property is located in a high-hazard wind zone, you may think that there is little you can do to protect your property from wind loss. As a wholly owned subsidiary of FM Global, Affiliated FM has been studying how to prevent loss caused by wind for decades.

In fact, The FM Global Group had 500 insured sites in the path of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The 310 sites that followed our advice about wind risk improvement experienced 85 percent less damage, and an average savings of US$1.5 million, per property.

Your account engineer can help you identify physical solutions to protect your properties. In addition to the resources listed on this page, as a client you have access to an online training course that can help you prepare for a wind storm.

Watch this short summary and visit to register.