Fire protection sprinkler systems are the best defence for protecting clients’ property from catastrophic loss. Affiliated FM consultant engineers have uncovered more than 4,000 improperly closed valves (ICV) at client locations in the past five years. A fire at a location with an ICV, on average, experiences a US$3.5-million loss versus US$300,000 for fires with active sprinkler systems. 

Affiliated FM's impairment services help clients effectively manage the increased property risk associated with an impairment of automatic fire protection systems—wherever the facility is located.

Many circumstances warrant disabling a fire protection sprinkler system. Our customer service desk (CSD) helps clients plan carefully to take only the necessary systems out of service. The CSD also provides reminders and advice about bringing systems back online as soon as possible.

The FM Global Red Tag Permit system ensures that clients’ property isn’t overexposed to catastrophic fire loss that could have been mitigated by active sprinkler systems. Permits are available to clients via the FM Global Resource Center or your consultant or account engineer.

Affiliated FM also provides clients access to online training resources so that their personnel can effectively implement a Red Tag Permit system.

Clients can replace the paper form of the Red Tag Permit system with a new technology called Red eTag. Red eTag allows clients to manage valve impairments online.

Clients simply visit and enter the required information about the impairment online.