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Reporting Accurate Values

Accurate values help ensure accurate loss expectancy estimates, which help prioritise risk improvement efforts. This course helps users:

  • Recognise the difference between values and exposures
  • Describe cost trending as it relates to property value
  • Identify basic concepts of property and business interruption values
  • Differentiate various business interruption and property value reporting methods
  • Distinguish among fixed, variable and hybrid expenses
  • Calculate and allocate business interruption values at business entity and location levels.

Protecting Commercial Property From Loss

This course helps commercial property managers understand common exposures to their properties that could disrupt tenant relationships. Using real-life examples, you will learn to:

  • Identify property exposures
  • Take action that will prevent loss from happening
  • Develop a plan that ensures property is protected on an ongoing basis
  • Locate resources that help execute a plan
  • Build Your Own Plan (BYOP) using a user-guided tool
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