FM Approvals, a member of the FM Global Group, offers industrial and commercial product certification and testing services. Recognized and respected around the world, FM Approvals certification assures clients a product or service has been objectively tested and conforms to stringent national and international standards.

Clients may also have unique exposures such as dust or chemicals, which can be tested at the FM Global Research Campus to assess the exposures they may present to a client’s location.

For more information on product certification and testing services through FM Approvals, please visit the FM Approvals website.

To see a comparison of an FM Approved insulated panel reacting in a fire to one that is not FM Approved, click below.

FM Approvals has studied various sandwich panel types in order to ensure that clients can enjoy the benefits this technology offers without bringing additional exposure to their business.

FM Approvals has produced a video of a side-by-side, full-scale burn test of two types of sandwich panels.

The test arrangement on the left includes FM Approved panels and is not protected by sprinklers. The arrangement to the right includes panels that meet minimum building codes but are made of a foam that burns like an ignitable liquid. Unlike the FM Approved panels, the arrangement on the right is provided with sprinklers (There was concern that, without sprinklers, the fire in this arrangement might grow too fast—even in a controlled test environment).

As you can see in the video, not all insulated metal panels are created equal.