Whether a client is building a new location, renovating an old one, replacing a roof or installing new equipment, new risks are likely being introduced. Affiliated FM plan review services help clients ensure these changes won’t increase the level of risk past the client’s comfort level.

By objectively reviewing project plans, Affiliated FM can often suggest changes that reduce loss expectancy at little to no extra cost to the project.

Potential opportunities for adding additional exposure during a project:

New building materials and techniques that offer cost-effective solutions and energy savings can also come with additional property exposures. An Affiliated FM engineer can review the plans prior to construction, identifying these exposures and offering alternative solutions that best meet your needs.

Affiliated FM believes the majority of all loss is preventable, including those caused by natural disasters. New buildings and renovations provide an opportunity to ensure your property will withstand unpredictable events. Our natural hazard standards are based on science emerging from our world-class multimillion-dollar Research Campus.

Every client has unique operations that require unique property loss prevention techniques. Local codes and standards do not take into consideration your unique business requirements, but Affiliated FM plan review engineers do. A renovation or new project provides an opportunity to ensure your business will be adequately protected now and into the foreseeable future.