Health care clients can't afford to have a large property loss impede their mission to be open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. AFM believes that health care clients don't have to be vulnerable to catastrophic property loss. We provide them access to world-class loss prevention engineering services. As a wholly owned subsidiary of FM Global, AFM helps middle-market health care institutions leverage the science, research and global engineering infrastructure made available to one-third of the Fortune 1000 companies.

AFM uses this science, research and infrastructure to help health care clients:

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Protect assets

Identify, prioritise, reduce and eliminate hazards—US$55.8 billion in client loss expectancy eliminated in 2011.

AFM believes that health care clients don't have to be vulnerable to large property loss—and we work hard with them to reduce loss exposure and lower the long-term costs of risk. AFM consultant engineers work with clients to identify key exposures to their institution and provide practical solutions that health care clients can implement to control loss and protect the property assets used to care for patients. In fact, after just two visits the likelihood of large loss drops off dramatically.


Improve clients’ operating reliability

A catastrophic loss can negatively impact the primary mission of a health care institution.

A large fire at a hospital or nursing home will disrupt that institution's ability to care for patients, and potentially hurt the reputation of the institution. AFM offers online training courses, designed specifically for health care clients, that helps them implement simple but effective loss prevention strategies.


Maintain client’s reputation and market share

A risk/earnings ratio study highlights the correlation between physical risk management practices and earnings volatility. Implementing loss prevention techniques helps clients stabilise earnings.

A large property loss increases the vulnerability of a health care institution, exposing weaknesses in revenue generation, profitability and reputation. Imagine if a competing institution were affected by a large fire loss that resulted in increased patient traffic to your institution while repairs are made. Although the other institution's insurance company will pay the costs of repair and business income loss, will they regain their reputation and new patient traffic? Or will you demonstrate excellent care and increase the likelihood of gaining more patients, even after the competing institution is back in business?

What if the fire were to occur at your property? AFM believes health care clients don't have to be vulnerable to this type of exposure.

FM Global commissioned a study of the relationship between earnings volatility and loss prevention practices.


Provide clients with market-leading property insurance programmes

Better health care clients deserve better insurance programmes. Working together, we eliminate exposures to improve the quality of clients' risk, which offers them greater access to market-leading coverage and services at competitive pricing.

Our model is simple—work with health care clients to protect their business from catastrophic loss. This model enables our clients to focus on providing care to patients, and enables us to provide outstanding insurance products that outperform our competition. We reinvest our profits in engineering services, market-leading coverage, claims services and increased capacity—all at competitive prices. The engineering infrastructure built over 175-plus years is the engine behind it all.