As a wholly owned subsidiary of FM Global, AFM provides health care clients with world-class claims services so that they can focus on providing superior patient care. AFM claims partners with health care institutions to:

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Settle claims quickly

The best kind of loss is a closed loss.

When a loss occurs, health care clients need to get back to caring for patients as soon as possible. To speed the settlement process, AFM uses internal loss adjusters on 85 percent of claims. These adjusters are given the authority they need to work with clients to get them back to health care duties quickly. In 2011, we introduced an accelerated claims process for losses less than US$100,000, which has resulted in those claims being settled 62 percent faster than before.


Mitigate loss

Working together to mitigate the loss helps clients reduce their long-term cost of risk and protect their market share.

When a loss occurs, it's in everyone's best interest to contain it as much as possible. Large losses can hurt a health care client's long-term cost of risk through higher out-of-pocket deductibles and future premiums. What's more, recovering from larger losses can take time, which can have an ongoing negative effect on the institution's reputation in the community it serves.

AFM partners with health care clients before, during and after a loss to help them mitigate the impact of a loss.


Work with health care clients affected by loss

When a loss occurs once, it shouldn't happen again. We partner with clients to understand the cause of loss and develop solutions to help make sure it doesn't.

Health care institutions tend to be very well protected and very sensitive to property loss. Therefore, disastrous loss is rare. When a client does have a loss, we work with them to learn from it and take steps to help prevent it from reoccurring.


Provide clear, transparent guidance from claim to settlement

Frequent, open communication is essential for meeting and managing clients' expectations.

AFM was, as usual, very responsive and provided appropriate input as to their requirements to move the claim along.
— Broker

AFM claims provides the knowledge, expertise and guidance to help health care clients through the claims process from beginning to end. As soon as the claim is filed, your adjuster will explain what to expect and how to expedite the process. Frequent, responsive communication from your adjuster will keep you and any other involved parties up to date on the claim status.