When choosing a service provider, whether it be a lawyer, accountant or technology consultant, you need a partner with the necessary expertise to deliver value to your institution. AFM is the specialist for your property insurance needs. Our business is property insurance and only property insurance. This single focus offers education institutions access to an insurance market that is:

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Capable of offering creative solutions

AFM underwriters and engineers are willing to look past the obvious, helping clients achieve their goals in creative yet practical ways.

When education clients partner with AFM, they are teamed with a production underwriter and an account engineer who are focused solely on developing underwriting and property loss prevention solutions. Real-world experience and many hours of classroom training prepare them to help education clients develop creative, practical solutions.

See how this prospective client and their broker leveraged AFM expertise to improve their risk profile and protect their business from loss.

A prospective university client was presented to AFM by a broker who was competing for their business. As part of the process, an AFM account engineer visited the campus to review the risk attributes of the facilities. The account engineer discovered that the client had been advised by their current carrier to install fire department hose connectors in the stairwells of the dormitories. While a good idea, the engineer identified a bigger potential exposure to the campus.

At the centre of the campus stood a wooden chapel built in the early 1900s. It was constructed mainly of wood and not provided with automatic sprinkler fire protection.

In addition to the emotional impact of losing an iconic building such as this, the chapel presented the risk of greater material loss—a fire in the chapel would likely spread to an adjacent new student centre. The engineer recommended that, if budget were an issue, the client should forgo fire hose connectors in the dorms and invest in installing adequate fire protection sprinklers in the chapel.

The client, after hearing of this exposure and the knowledge provided by the engineer, was eager to learn more about the insurance offering the broker would secure from AFM.

The broker and the production underwriter worked together to develop a customised programme that met the needs of the client using the proVision Education form. The combination of a broad coverage form and world-class engineering services earned the broker and AFM a new long-term partner.

AFM engineering continued to work with the client to develop a scope of work for the sprinkler system. The client has been reassured that their historical property is better protected from fire, and is therefore less likely to interrupt their students' learning experience.

This is just one example of how AFM works with clients and brokers to develop long-term partnerships.


Committed to a long-term approach

Education clients need a steady, cool-headed partner that they can count on year after year.

The commercial property insurance market can be volatile. Natural disasters, acts of terrorism and investment income uncertainties can result in an unpredictable business environment. AFM embraces these realities, remaining calm and focusing beyond any short-term volatility. In fact, during the most recent market disturbances (Hurricane Katrina and the 2008 stock market crash), AFM increased our products, services and available capacity.


Driven to be the best

We work hard to bring value to our clients, and we’re good at it. To find out if we’re right, we asked a third-party consulting firm to talk to our broker partners.

As a monoline property insurer, we must be the best at what we do or risk becoming irrelevant. We recently conducted a survey of some of our broker partners to see how we are doing.

To rate as a strategic partner, the survey participant must agree that the relationship is one that is mutually beneficial and aligned towards achieving a common goal. The consulting company we partnered with indicated that this was the highest percentage of strategic partners they had ever experienced.


Dedicated to the market

Short-term thinking focuses on profit. AFM works with clients to bring additional value over the long haul.

A common insurance industry practice involves moving capital between business units to capture the greatest opportunity for profitable growth. By contrast, AFM dedicates 100 percent of our committed resources to serving clients' property insurance needs—every premium dollar is reinvested in products and services to provide value to clients.