The AFM Engineering Advantage

To help protect our clients’ property, we put our world-class engineering to work every day to develop practical loss prevention solutions that help them stay in business.

EngineeringAt AFM, we take a holistic approach to property insurance. To help protect our clients’ property we put our world-class engineering to work every day to develop practical loss prevention solutions that help them stay in business.

Our passion for loss prevention engineering helps us gain critical insight into each client’s location(s) and enables us to partner with our brokers and clients to identify and prioritize exposures, and reduce future loss. AFM’s quote to you includes insurance premiums and a separate engineering fee, unless otherwise noted. We do this to highlight our engineering as investment that helps minimize your clients’ loss exposure and protect the value their business creates.

Understanding the Engineering Fee
The AFM engineering fee encompasses the cost of scientific research and reliability testing of safety and fire protection equipment we carry out at our one-of-a-kind Research Campus complex. That knowledge is passed on to clients, and allows us to provide broad coverage, high limits and competitive pricing. In addition, several market-leading services are made available to your clients.

Site Evaluations: A consultative facility evaluation to help identify and analyse conditions that could result in property damage and/or business interruption.

Engineers specially trained in property loss prevention and machinery maintenance review the construction, occupancy, protection and exposure details at facility, and identify any human element issues that may impact the client. Following this on-site evaluation, a Risk Report is produced. The report provides an explanation of the exposures that could cause a property loss at the facility and then identifies cost-effective, practical solutions to minimize those exposure.

Project Services: Provide property loss prevention advice, based on the latest information and our world-class research and standards, in advance of new construction and/or rehabilitation to ensure the design and protection is completed to the client’s specifications.

We provide continuous support throughout the project to ensure that all potential hazards are addressed. Here’s what the client can expect:

  • Design specification meetings to help develop proper design criteria
  • Plan Review to assess the compliance of new projects to applicable standards and ensure the proper design of fire, explosion & other protection systems
  • Site surveys to evaluate potential construction sites, including exposure to natural hazards such as flood, wind and earthquake, as well as projected water supplies
  • On-site visits to correspond with key events and provide up-to-date information regarding progress and adherence to specifications
  • Acceptance testing of key building and protection systems to ensure correct installation
  • Loss prevention audits to provide an unbiased view of the construction project’s housekeeping, control of ignition sources, temporary protection and emergency preplanning

Impairment Services: Loss prevention advice to minimize the risk created by a property protection system impairment that is necessary or unavoidable.

FM Global’s impairment services help your clients effectively manage the increased property risk associated with an impairment of automatic fire protection systems, no matter where the facility is located. This includes:

  • 24/7 Notification
  • Local Service: Should the need for immediate assistance arise, we promptly dispatch a local engineer to the client’s facility to help assess the extent of the impairment, manage it and coordinate temporary protection.
  • Regional Response: We respond to impairments—such as underground main breaks, floods or power outages—that affect many clients at once. As soon as we receive notification of such an event, we canvas all affected clients and assist them in managing the event.
  • Expert Loss Prevention: Clients have access to a qualified loss prevention engineer who aids in the understanding of the risks associated with impairments and assists in minimizing the risk and the duration of the interruption.
  • Reliable Follow-Up: We track each impairment from notification until resolution to ensure protection is restored as soon as possible.
AFM Training Online
AFM’s training courses are designed to help our broker partners and clients understand some of the most common and costly property loss prevention hazards and then outline practical steps to mitigate them.

Upon registration, these courses are free to AFM brokers and clients. Most courses take less than one hour to complete, and can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer connected to the Internet—no downloads required!

In addition to the full courses, we also offer executive summaries of each course to provide an overview of the hazard and course contents in a short yet informative format. New courses and summaries are constantly being developed to ensure our training remains on the cutting edge of property loss prevention issues. Visit our website, for more information.

Engineering as an investment
When you and your clients partner with AFM, you’re not only getting a superior insurance program, you’re also getting access to world-class engineering services designed to help identify risk and reduce future loss in a way that makes practical and affordable sense.

Please visit our website for information on AFM engineering services, or contact your AFM account engineer.

Note: This information does not constitute, replace or supplement policy language. The liability of AFM is limited to that contained in its insurance policies.